Acrylic Nails With Nail Art Design Options

Four (4) Simple tasks to Picking the Ideal Nail

Stage 1 – Pick the plan. From a site or salon a few proposal more than 6000 plans/varieties to browse, Or you can plan your own.

Stage 2 – Pick the style and Acrylic vs glass of the nail. Browse by the same token;

(a) Full nails – normal or long

(b) Half tips (with well); or

(c) Toenails

Stage 3 – Pick the base tone – each of our fingernails come on either a white, normal or clear/straightforward base.

Stage 4 – Pick how to apply – every one of our nails accompany both paste and twofold sided stickers, giving you the opportunity to pick how to apply.

Most bundled nails come as a bunch of:

20 counterfeit nails

Excellent nail stick 1x 2g

One sheet of 40 twofold sided stickers which are molded to match the shape and size of your own nails.

Habitually got clarification on pressing issues

Q: When would it be a good idea for me to utilize the twofold sided stickers?

This application is best utilized for the individuals who just need to wear the nails for a brief period or extraordinary event, as they can be handily eliminated. They are protected, agreeable and advantageous to utilize. Twofold sided stickers are particularly appropriate for use by those style sweethearts who consistently wish to change their nail plan to match their outfit or temperament. These nails are additionally re-useable when applied with the stickers. The stickers have areas of strength for a power and are water safe.

Q: When would it be a good idea for me to utilize the nail stick?

The paste is best utilized for those individuals wishing to wear the nails for a more extended period and for the people who are applying half tips.

Q: How long could I at any point leave the nails on for?

By and large the nails will remain on for no less than 3 days with the twofold sided stickers. Anyway assuming one of the nails falls off you essentially add one more twofold sided sticker from the sheet of 40 that we supply. Additionally the sheet of 40 stickers is sufficiently little to fit advantageously in your purse. With the paste that is additionally supplyed in the pack the nails will remain on however long you wish to wear them.

Q: Are there any tips you can recommend to assist in fastening the nails with the twofold sided stickers?

1. Eliminate dead skin from fingernail skin

2. Roughen your nails with a nail document – this will give most extreme holding

3. Clean nails with methylated spirits or a nail clean remover that contains no added substances

4. Apply the right size stickers and compress onto nails

5. Try not to eliminate the white top front of the sticker for 15 to 20min after stickers have been applied – this will take into account most extreme holding

6. In the event that experiencing issues eliminating the white top cover off the stickers, utilize a pin and prick the top cover, then essentially lift the top cover off with the pin

7. Apply the right size nails – leaving the two thumbs until last.

8. Try not to get wet for something like 1 hour after application

Q: What number of nails are in a set?

Most sets accompany 20 nails of 10 grouped sizes. This permits you to pick the nail size which best fits to your own nail size. It likewise intends that assuming you end up losing a nail, there are a lot of extras.

Q: Could I at any point purchase all the more twofold sided stickers?

Indeed, you can purchase a sheet of 40 stickers for $1.00.

Q: Are the nails re-useable?

Indeed, however just when applied with the stickers. One more benefit of utilizing twofold sided stickers is that the fake nails won’t be harmed when they are disengaged, subsequently can be utilized over and again. So you can wear them each time you wear your number one outfit.

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