Antique Guns: Are They Truly Antique?

Antique Guns: Are They Truly Antique?

A gun that is not designed to utilize the current ammunition is classified as antique. An antique gun is typically one that was produced prior to 1898. They were considere 38 special ammo d a collector item because these items were not designed to be utilized as a weapon. These items have monetary value and historic significance to a collector based upon their individual characteristics and rare nature. Gun researchers and appraisers are able to help in the identification of an antique gun.

Identifying an Antique Gun

Go through and read what the NFA has to say about what constitutes an antique gun. These items are listed under a special category, and they do not have licensing requirements that are identical to traditional firearms.

Create a list of every piece of information you can to help in identification of your specific gun. Make sure the list includes the action, type, measurements, caliber and markings on your gun. Compile any information about the length of the gun and its workings.

Notate all of the guns markings. Make sure to record any letters, designs and numbers from off the gun to help when researching information about the gun. If you know the model and make of the item, you should let that be known to get an accurate depiction of whether the item is antique or not.

Take note of the construction of the gun. Document any details about metal or wood components. Identify any specific metals or wood when at all possible. Knowing what the gun materials are will help in determining where the gun was made from and when.

When you let an appraiser identify whether your gun is antique or not, it will help provide you with an accurate depiction of what you are working with. The appraiser should be able to provide you with a market value and identification information.

Become familiar with what the standard condition should be for an antique gun. To communicate effectively with a researcher, it is important that you are able to explain the condition of your gun to them. Since they are 

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