Nail Salon Furniture – 10 Tips for Selecting Latest Nail Salon Furniture and Equipments

 Nail Salon Furniture – 10 Tips for Selecting Latest Nail Salon Furniture and Equipments

Furniture is a crucial element of any space. It gives character and sets the ambiance. Salon furniture and the placement thereof should be practical and facilitate the functioning of your salon.

Setting up a Nail Salon?

A nail salon is an offshoot of a beauty salon. Briefly put, it’s services could vary from the mundane manicures and pedicures albany nails  to elaborate nail art. When setting up a nail salon you would want to establish a chic atmosphere. A glass frontage would be nice so that people passing by could look in and see you at work. Cleanliness would be crucial in bringing in business. An uncluttered and functional space with clean lines would be attractive. A few posters on the wall and maybe furniture upholstery and linen could lend elements of colour.

Importance of Proper Furniture in your Salon

Selection of your nail salon furniture would be is likely to be one of your primary concerns. Your furniture suppliers would be from among beauty salon furniture suppliers. Do some research on the net and visit other nail salons to see the kind of furniture they are using. Ask others in the industry for suggestions.

Tips When Selecting Furniture

When selecting furniture, consider Design. Choose something aesthetic with clean lines. Check Size as your furniture should not dwarf your area. Make a floor plan and allocate specific areas for furniture and refer to it when choosing furniture. Colour is important. Choose colours that go with the scheme of your salon. Textures of furniture upholstery vary from faux leather to fabric. Choose something attractive that is easy to maintain. Ergonomics is a crucial aspect in furniture today. Your customers should not leave your salon with aches and pains because they have sat at an awkward angle. Comfort will bring repeat customers. Your customers are likely to be in your salon for anything from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. They should be able to sit comfortably. The furniture you use will be even more crucial as you will be sitting the whole day. Try and choose furniture that could have dual functions. Choose manufacturers/suppliers who have a reputation for quality so that your furniture lasts a long time and will look good even after a year of use. Trolleys with shampoo bowls should not get shaky and creaky with a little use. Also consider aspects like after sales service. Budget is all important. When making an overall budget for your new venture set aside an amount for furniture and work within this. Lastly think of Location when choo

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