New Line of Super Soakers – A Look at the Tornado Strike

 New Line of Super Soakers – A Look at the Tornado Strike

The weather is starting to warm up, so it’s finally time to break in the new line of Super Soakers that just came out early this year. One of the new Super Soakers that seems 303 British ammo for sale to be most popular with water blaster fans is the Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike. There are several reasons for this water gun’s popularity.

The Tornado Strike has good range for a water gun its size. As you pump it to fire, this also puts a spin on the barrel which twists the three water streams into a helix-like shape. In the same way that a rifle puts a spin on a bullet to make it go farther and faster, this seems to make the water go farther than it would normally. Since there is space in between the streams on the nozzle, this spin also gives it a wide soaking radius!

The Tornado Strike uses the same water clips that the new Super Soaker Thunderstorm uses but, unlike the Thunderstorm, the Tornado Strike is not battery operated. We love battery operated water guns, but with a pump action water gun, you don’t have to worry about batteries running down on you and leaving you high and dry (or wet).

The water clips snap into place and can be changed pretty fast so you can reload when you’re in pursuit and aren’t close to another water supply. The Tornado Strike is sold with one clip but extra clips are also sold separately for around four dollars apiece. If you’re wearing cargo pants or have a lot of pockets, you could carry plenty of ammo.

Unlike some water gun models that also use a water clip system, where refilling is tedious due to a small refill hole, the Super Soaker clips are easy to refill because of a screw knob on the side of the cartridge that reveals a much bigger opening.

Ammo clips for water guns have been popular since the 80s. There is something about being able to carr

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